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BGA Stencils - Stencilquik™

StencilQuik™ BGA rework stencils make it easy for you to place BGAs. Whether the site is being reworked, you are simply wanting to place a part on a prototype board or the mask damaged underneath the part needs to be repaired, StencilQuik™ is the method to use for BGA placement. For rework applications the need for a high end split vision rework system is eliminated. The balls tactily can be felt fitting in to the apertures of the stencil. A simple time temperature heat source will now reflow the solder balls on the bottom of the device. This simplicity is carried over to the prototyping area as complex packages such as BGAs and CSPs can be easily placed without the need for or training in high end equipment. Finally, the StencilQuik™ BGA rework stencils have a side benefit of being able to repair solder mask underneath the location as the polyimide is an elegant “band aid” for the repair of the damaged mask.

Customized versions are shipped in 3-5 days after check plot approval. ORDER.


BGA stencil


Whether you are using paste flux or solder paste StencilQuik™ speeds up the area array rework process while providing for a more reliable connection. This method features a unique stay-in-place feature which simplifies the placement while increasing the yield of reworked BGAs. One of the numerous ways it increases the BGA rework yield process is by widening the process window through the use of greater solder paste volume which is assured of being in each one of the apertures. The method is even part of the PCB rework and repair guidelines- the  IPC 7711 Procedure 5.7.2. These flexible BGA rework stencils remain in place on the site location becoming an integral part of the PCB assembly.

Device Make Up and Engineering

StencilQuik™ is manufactured from a polyimide film with a high temperature adhesive covered with a release liner. It is the same type of material you have been using with bar code labels and for protecting gold fingers during the wave soldering process. These stencils are laser cut from high quality, anti-static polyimide film with a residue-free high temperature adhesive backing. The StencilQuik™ apertures correspond to the land patterns on the PCB and define those portions of the PCB which are to have paste or paste flux applied.


StencilQuik™s come in 4, 6 and 8 mil total thicknesses and are packaged in groups of (10) in a small antistatic poly bag. There are no tooling charges. New or complex patterns are designed from the part datasheet and will be confirmed in many cases with a checkplot. Squeegees are sold separately. They are shipped in 3-5 business days.

Testing Proves it Out

Check out the independent testing that has been done on this product to verify these results.

An independent lab has tested the StencilQuik(TM) product (See panel "B") to make sure that there is no ionic contaminates left behind by any of the adhesive residues.

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