Blue Painters Tape Shapes Laser Cut (3M Type 2090) Using Customer-Supplied Drawings

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BEST Custom Laser Cut Blue Painter's Tape Shapes Using Customer-Supplied Drawings

The BEST custom-cutting of tape shapes for  masking will save you time and money. BEST will cut out, on release liner-backed tape sheet, custom shapes of blue painter's tape. These shapes will then be “fit” onto either single sheet. The advantage of a sheet of custom tape masking shapes is that the painting/coating technician can take note when all the tapes have been pulled off. This will help determine if all of the masked off areas are protected. It is a way to help insure quality control for painting/coating for smaller lot sizes when die cutting is not economically viable. As an alternative, you can have a single custom shape or pattern fit onto a sheet.

BEST custom TapeShapes™ are quickly and precisely cut sheets of tape that are cut using a laser. This has the advantage of the cuts being processed quickly and accurately. After the receipt of your dimensions, BEST will send back a check plot indicating what the sheet of shapes will look like. After your approval, the tape sheets will be cut within 24 hours. Not only will they be shipped out quickly but the cuts will be acute to 0.001” insuring that the keep out areas are maintained.

Adhesion: Medium Strength

Color: Blue

Surfaces: Wood, glass, metal, painted walls and curved surfaces

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Moisture-Resistant: Yes

Technical Definition can be found here.

Product information sheet can be found here.


Customer files can be marked-up silk layer drawing GERBER, DXF , DWG or similar file formats.

BEST will send back a check plot for approval.

NOTE: Each of the sheets will have an 8 x 10” (Approx 203 x 254mm). (10) sheets worth of product will be supplied

Shipping within 24-48 hrs from check plot approval.




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