Epoxy Repair Kit

The BEST Epoxy Repair Kit can be used to fix damaged solder mask, damaged PCB laminate material as well as repair lifted pads and traces. 3rd party testing has shown by using the BEST 2-part epoxy, the bond strength of repair traces, pads, and lands equals that of the original land, pads, and traces. Even under thermal air shock conditions from –50°c to 85°c at 30 minutes dwell time for 200 cycles the BEST epoxy adhesive held up!

BEST epoxy repair kits use the same epoxy BEST repair technicians have been used for repairing thousands of PCB. We have included the tools you will need in making these repairs and have included them in this general epoxy repair kit. This kit includes (10) 2 gm packs of resin/hardner, a stainless steel dental pick for precision poacment and volumetric transfer of the adhesive as well as orangewood sticks to assist with forming and bending traces for easy placement. 

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