Through-hole Repair Kit

The BEST PCB throughole repair kit gives you the tools you need for fast modification and repair of PCB plated throughhole pads and barrels-no matter what their size. Our online PCB repair training videos, our master instructors along with these materials allows you to meet the original PCB quality standards.

The method for repairing throughole pads is  their adhesion to the PCB using an electronics grade 2-part epoxy system or their dry film counterpart. This dry film version, while less messy than the epoxy version, is not recommended for high reliability working environments. 


The method for repairing damaged plated throughole barrels is their physcial replacement. Copper eyelets, whoihc are are a solderable surface, are fitted in to the hole using a swage tool and base.

Replacement materials to refill this kit's components are also available.

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