The StikPeel™ rework stencil simplifies the rework of your complex devices whether they be BGAs. LGAs, QFNs or ultra fine pitch SMT devices. No more do you have struggle with miniature metal stencils and their many shortcomings. The inability to fit in to a tight space restricted board, the lack of consistent co-planarity with the PCB and the lack of a consistent solder paste volume make the mini metal stencil cumbersome to use. The flexible film, adhesive-backed StikNPeel™ stencil makes the rework printing process much easier!

To use these unique stencils simply peel them off the backing material, align and place them on to the correct location on the PCB. Roll solder paste with a mini squeegee through the apertures as many times as you want without the fear of smearing the paste. Paste cannot leach underneath the stencil as the adhesive provides the intimate co-planarity with the PCB. The StikNPeel™ stencil can be “fit” in to tight spaces as it is made from a flexible material.

StikNPeel™ stencils are purchased just like regular SMT stencils. We take your data sheet mechanical files or GERBERs , modify the files and send you back a check plot. StikNPeel™ stencils are offered in 3,4 and 5 mil thicknesses. After modification and/or approval we cut them within 24 hours. We ship them within 24 hours to you in packages of (10) pieces.

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