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Circuit Frame for Edge Connector, Nickel Gold Plated -Epoxy Method

The base metal is 1 oz copper with chemical etchant which results in a high bond strength to the PCB. The coating on the PCB side is  a nickel gold coating.

It has a 6 month minimum shelf life and is date-coded on the circuit frame.


Frame Size: 57 x 38 mm (2.25" x 1.50")

Material: Copper foil 0.036 mm (0.0014")-backside micro-etched for enhanced adhesion Adhesive

Electrical Resistivity: Greater than 1014 ohm-cm

Dieletric Strength : 750 Volts/mil

Glass Transition Temperature: -60 C

Device push off strength: Greater than 2,000psi, or 13.8N/mm2

Peel Strength: Greater than 9lbs/in (1.61 kg/cm) post cure to FR-4

Hardness: 65 Type A

Cured density: 1.2 gm/cc

Thermal Conductivity: 1.2 BUT-in/hr-ft2-F

Linear Thermal Expansion: 110 ppm/C Max Continuous

Oper Temp: 150C

Bonding Time: 15 seconds Bonding Temperature: 200C

RoHS compliance: YES

Custom designs available in 5-10 business from BEST. No minimum order. Call 847-797-9250 for details.

Tin plated. To be used with PCB epoxy resin system. Can be used for both tin/lead and RoHS compliant repairs.


Reviews (1)

William D 29th May 2019

Easy to do business with

Chris helped me get this done. This is much better to use this than the messiness of doing the gold replating process.


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