Circuit Frame Starter Bundle Kit

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Circuit Frame Starter Bundle Kit

This pack is an assortment of circuit frames for starting to build your PCB repair materials tool kit. Alternatively this kit can be used in the class room when IPC-7721 CIT or IPC-7711/21 instructors need to teach repair skills on the classroom. This particular starter kit has a blank circuit frame that can be customized by the repair tech, it has circuit traces on another, throughhole annular ring replacement on yet another and SMT pads of various sizes on the last. The pack consists of (4) standard circuit frame patterns bundled together at a discounted price.The circuit frames are the dry film version where a pre-applied epoxy film through heat and pressure can adhere the replacement pads, traces and annular rings to the board.


























It has a 6 month minimum shelf life and is date-coded on the circuit frame.Tin plated with dry film attached. The base metal is 1 oz copper with chemical etchant which results in a high bond strength to the PCB. The coating on the PCB side is an immersion bright tin coating.The backing film is a low stress epoxy film adhesive with a Tg at 60C. This minimizes the thermal stress on bonded parts during thermal cycling or shock testing from 55 to 150C. It is a clear 1mil (0.0254mm) in thickness material which helps to make for an aesthetically pleasing repair. It has a 6 month minimum shelf life and is date-coded on the circuit frame.


Frame Size: 57 x 38 mm (2.25" x 1.50")

Material: Copper foil 0.036 mm (0.0014")-backside micro-etched for enhanced adhesion Adhesive

Backing: Phenolic film adhesive 0.0254 mm (0.001") thick.

Electrical Resistivity: Greater than 1014 ohm-cm

Dieletric Strength : 750 Volts/mil

Glass Transition Temperature: -60 C

Device push off strength: Greater than 2,000psi, or 13.8N/mm2

Peel Strength: Greater than 9lbs/in (1.61 kg/cm) post cure to FR-4

Hardness: 65 Type A

Cured density: 1.2 gm/cc

Thermal Conductivity: 1.2 BUT-in/hr-ft2-F

Linear Thermal Expansion: 110 ppm/C Max Continuous

Oper Temp: 150C

Bonding Time: 15 seconds Bonding Temperature: 200C

RoHS compliance: YES

Custom designs available in 5-10 business from BEST. No minimum order.


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Rory T 12th May 2019

Nice product support

The tech I talked to was very helpful in pointing me to videos and instructon mauals


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