The BEST PCB epoxy repair kit is one of those "must have" tools for PCB repair as it the use of epoxy is multi-faceted.

PCB epoxy

The epoxy kit along with your existing skills and knowledge or through that of our professional PCB repair training can help you to repair mask damage. Color matching can be accomplished through the use of BEST colorants. If mask has been damaged through the rework process of by improper baord handling this epoxy will complete the repair.

In addition to mask repair this epoxy kit has the materials in order to facilitate laminate repairs. If a board has been driopped chipping off a part of the rigid board or a corner is now missing due to the same damage this epoxy can be used to repair corners.

Finally the epoxy in this epoxy kit can be used to adhere replacement pads and traces to the PCB thereby repairing the board for missing pads and traces.

The epoxy in this kit has been tested over 15+ years of use in our PCB rework and rpeair operation and has been life tested in products from Blackberry and Motorola.