ERSA Dipping Plate Fixture

APR SolderPasteDippingPlate
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These fixture plates facilitate the controlled dipping of flux or paste onto the balls under the BGA packages when using an ERSA rework machine. Flux or paste is controlled at a depth of 50-60% per cent of the ball diameter prior to placement of a BGA or to place a PoP component on to a board or other device. It can also be used to dip flux of pre-bumped device.

These plates are custom-made and can be ordered to accommodate different component sizes and ball diameters.

The dipping plates can be used as stand-alone entities or be used with the tooling holes on APR rework systems.

Delivery is 2-3 days after drawing approval by the customer.

In order to get started we require the following:

  1. Part mechanicals
  2. Type of machine the plate will be used with or free-standing

Reviews (4)

Dorris W 27th Jun 2018

Much Faster than ERSA

Got it within a few days. Worked out well.

Janusz F 8th Jan 2018

Good Product

Some back and forth but product worked well and first the machine well

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