Laser Machined Kapton Parts

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Kapton laser machined parts

Laser Machined Kapton(TM) Parts

BEST Inc. can supply you with custom machined Kapton(TM) parts.

We have been involved in laser machining of Kapton (TM) and adhesive-backed Kapton (TM) for nearly 10 years and have the processing and sourcing expertise for your custom-made laser-machined Kapton (TM) parts.

BEST has the ability to machine parts as small as a few mm up to several inches in size being able to define features as small as a few mils in different types and Kapton(TM) thicknesses. While we have several standard adhesive-backed and non adhesive-backed material thicknesses in stock,we can also machine materials that you supply acting as a machining service provider. We can also package this material, add other value-added services as part of the machining services or simply just machine your parts.

We can take in a variety of file formats including but not limited to GERBERs, dxf, dwg and other vector file formats.including .ai, .eps, .pdf and .svg file types. If we perform any file modifications we will send you an approval drawing in a mutually-agreeable file format so you cna approve the files prior to us machining the parts.

BEST has experience machining a  variety of different parts. Typical parts that we have machined for the electronics assembly and rework areas include prototype SMT stencils, rework stencils, masking stencils and reballing stencils. We have also machined specialty Kapton(TM) shapes for heat shields for specialty component shapes and sizes. In addition we sometimes custom cut shapes for protection of components in the confoormal coating or wave soldering processes.

Call BEST Inc. for more information or send files to for comment and quoting.


Kapton(TM) is a tradeark of DuPont Inc.