PCB Pad Repair Kit Epoxy Version

BEST Pad Repair Kit
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The BEST Pad Repair kit epoxy version includes the tools and materials needed to reliably replace lifted or damaged surface mount and BGA pads on PCB's. This kit includes 3 different tin plated copper base material circuit frame patterns, which offer nearly 3 times as many useable replacement land patterns as other circuit frames. Unlike dry film circuit frames, BEST circuit frames,when properly stored, have nearly unlimited shelf life and can be used on both lead-free and tin-lead finish circuit boards.

This kit includes the following items:

(1) BEST5A CktTrack BGA Pad Circuit Frame tin plated

(1) BEST8CktTrack Land Repair Pad Circuit Frame tin plated

(1) BEST13 CktTrack Pad Repair Circuit Frame tin plated

(1) Stainless steel tweezer

(1) X-acto knife for precision cutting

(4) Resin/Hardener, 2 gms for adhering pads/traces to PCB. Mix ratio is 1:1 and therefore is easy to remember and easy to mix.

(5) Orangewood sticks

Please do not hesitate to call with any questions 01-847-797-9250.


Reviews (11)

Bridget R 27th Aug 2020

The phone calls and the sending back and forth of boards was a great help

Thanks for the support on this repair project.

William D 23rd Jul 2020

Thanks for the help

With the soldering videos and the help I received on the phone I was able to get the pads repaired.


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