Plastic SMT Stencils

For the DIYer, hobbyist or technical researcher there are times where all you need is a simple means to apply solder paste for SMT devices for a few simple boards. In those cases a plastic SMT stencil may be the right solution. Eliminate the tedious and non-repeatable process of hand soldering and use a plastic film stencil for your prototypes.

When Plastic SMT Stencils from Kapton(TM) Are Appropriate

When the pitches are 1.00mm or greater and the distance between cut out lines is wide enough, an SMT plastic film stencil is the most cost effective way to go if your print area is small (Less than 6” (152.4mm) x 6”(152.4mm)) . The reason for these limits are related to the manner in which the plastic SMT stencil is fabricated (via LASER), the elasticity and elongation of the plastic during squeegeeing and the overall capabilities of the laser cutting the stencil.

BEST plastic SMT stencils are made from Kapton™material which has great dimensional stability and heat withstand properties. The dimensional stability is important when the plastic SMT stencil is being fabricated. The laser source does the local cutting using a heat-producing ablation process. Due to the superior heat withstand properties of the Kapton™ film, the holes are cut true and there is no “buckling” between apertures. This “buckling” or unevenness allows solder paste to leach underneath the SMT plastic stencil and smear the paste. Some manufacturers use Mylar film which does NOT have these superior heat withstanding properties and therefore “buckles” during the manufacturing process. In addition, the apertures in these Mylar stencils are not as true to the geometries planned on. The BEST Kapton plastic SMT stencils are very flat and the holes drilled in to them are true to the size required.

Professional Service-We Do This Full Time

Once you place your order with us, we will send you a check plot with the proper file modifications based on our many years of experience in producing stencils, IPC guidelines as well as any design rules you desire. Most jobs ship within 24 hours of check plot approval. This is what we do. We are NOT a reseller of other’s stencils NOR are we a garage shop operation with a “guy and a laser”. You can trust BEST to be your plastic SMT stencil source-whether it is for rework, high volume assembly or prototyping.

A Choice in Stencils

At, we supply numerous types of stencils. We show first timers on how to print here or you can see our how to video here. We use modern, high precision lasers to cut the finest of apertures. Our metal stencils are designed using your exact criteria with our SMT engineers providing guidance on how the stencil needs to be designed for optimal performance and release characteristics.  So, if you need a reliable service provider of plastic SMT stencils, with many years of experience in processing boards and performing rework, then chose BEST!

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