Gold Contact Replating Kit

Gold Contact Replating Kit
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The BEST Gold Contact Replating Kit includes the tools you need for fast replating and modification of circuit contacts. Edge contacts may require replating if they are contaminated with solder or become scratched during handling or do not meet the minimum plating thickness requirements. The materials required for the replating by selective brush plating of damaged circuit gold fingers are supplied in this gold contact repair kit.

This gold contact repair kit includes the following items:

(1)  Variable power supply from 3 - 9 Volts
(1)  Application sleeve

(1)  Stainless steel plating bit
(1)  Ultra fine plating tip
(1)  Nickel plating solution 2 oz

(1)  Medium fine plating tip
(1)  Gold plating solution 1/2 oz
(1)  Cerium oxide 2 oz vile for polishing
(1)  Roll of tape for confirming plating adhesion

Please do not hesitate to call with any questions you may have on the replating proces or on this gold contact repair kit at 847-797-9250.

See our video on gold contact replating in the "product video" lnk.





Reviews (17)

Viho Hing 7th Oct 2019

good quality product

the product is good quality

Cicilia D 24th Jan 2019

Very good support

BEST supported me when I was trying to troubleshoot the gold replating process. Norman got involved and helped me through the issue.


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