Reballing Preforms-EZReball™


The BEST EZReball™ process is the answer to your reballing problems. This BGA reballing preform simplifies the process while eliminating the clean up of all those paper remnants, allowing for better yields and faster reballing times.

The simplicity of the EZReball™ reballing process allows even the beginning repair technician to reliably and quickly replace balls on a BGA package. By aligning the edges of the preform and the package the two are “squared up” thereby eliminating the need to buy custom fixtures or frames. The adhesive is engineered such that the balls are firmly held in place until after reflow thereby reducing the problem of missing solder balls found in other techniques. After the device has been reflowed, the BGA reballing preform is simply peeled off, eliminating the time required in cleaning off residual paper

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There are several advantages to the BEST EZReball™ BGA reballing preform over the water soluable paper performs namely:


Ball Diameter     Pitch             Body Package Size
mm mils 1.27mm 1.00mm 0.80mm 0.65mm 0.50mm 0.40mm 0.35mm 0.30mm 0.25mm  
0.762 30 Paper/ EZ                   
0.635 25 Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ                 
0.61 24 Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ                 
0.559 22 Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ                 
0.508 20 Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ              3.5mm x 3.5mm     
0.457 18 Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ            TO 85mm x 85mm
0.381 15 Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ          For paper
0.33 13 Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ  Paper/ EZ           
0,30 12         EZ  EZ        1.5mm x 1.5mm
0.25 10         EZ  EZ  EZ      TO 100mm x 100mm
0.23 9         EZ  EZ  EZ  EZ    EZReball™
0.2 8         EZ  EZ  EZ  EZ     
    Paper preforms require tooling charges for new patterns EZReball™ No tooling $ required!      
    Paper preforms require removing remnant paper preform FOD EZReball™ peels off leaving surface clean    


EZReball™ BGA reballing preforms are available down to the sizes you need. In fact we have built preforms (so far) as small as 0.15mm pitch using 6 mil balls!

Custom Made to Fit Your Requirement

EZReball™ BGA reballing preforms are designed based on the data sheet you send us. In many cases we will already have the pattern on file. In other cases we will, for no extra charge, make a new pattern for you. Of course if it is a brand new pattern BEST will be happy to execute a non-disclosure agreement. All we want to do is help you re-attach balls.

Easier Process with EZReball™

The sticky-backed surface of the EZReball™ BGA preforms are of a single piece plastic film construction. This means you do not have to clean up all of those paper remnants when you are done reballing!

No frames are required for alignment of the preform to the package. This speeds up the process and simplifies the steps.

Manufactured and Packaged Based on Your Needs

EZReball™ BGA preforms are manufactured per your package requirements from a specialty high temperature-rated film which aligns the balls. The balls are aligned through the preforms’ apertures. The solder balls are held in place using an engineered adhesive system which allow the right amount of flux to be absorbed. The preform is engineered and processed in our factory near Chicago  using a laser which means they are made with precision. Solder balls are captured and retained by the preform and are aligned to the prepped device and reflowed. After reflow the preform is simply peeled away, the package cleaned and inspected.

EZReball reballing preforms are packaged in groups of (15) in a clam shell package.

NOTE: IPC 7711/21 Procedure 5.7.6 is the EZReball(TM) process

The EZReball (TM) reballing preforms are available in any preform alloy you need. Our standard is both Sn63Pb37 and SAC305 solder alloys. These reballign proeforms can also be stuffed with balls in any configuration the solder suppliers come up with with including but not limited to high melt 10/90 or even Bi versions.  Please call BEST Inc for specific availablity or if you already have the balls tehn just shio us any of the ball sizes and configurations that you may have.

What Users are Saying About EZReball(TM)

Don't take our word for it see what a recent customer said after using EZReball(TM) "I recommend your EZReball product whenever the topic of reballing comes up. I have used just about every method on the market and truly feel you offer a superior product. Thanks!"