Initial placement and soldering of BGA devices requires precise control and is usually done by higher end reflow equipment.


There is, however, a method for low volume BGA soldering which makes it well-suited for pcb prototype assembly. In this method an adhesive-backed stay-in-place stencil such as StencilQuik™ allows the process to be simplified. In this process the StencilQuik™ is designed by BEST Inc based on either the customer’s GERBER or datasheet data. Firstly, the backing material is removed from the stencil and the stencil is aligned beginning at one corner and then aligned and placed on a diagonal. Alignment is done either with an unaided eye or when pitches dictate via some type of magnification. Once aligned, the adhesive is activated via pressure being applied to the stencil. Solder paste is then squeegeed through the apertures and the surface of the stencil is then cleaned. Finally, the device is “fitted” in to these apertures and then reflowed.

This BGA soldering process eliminates the need for highly skilled individuals or highly automated and capital-intensive equipment for BGA placement for low volume ofr BGA placement for prototypes.

The StencilQuik™ process simplifies BGA soldering.