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Sometimes you meet people who are there just there counting the moments on the job and look like they are doing you a “favor” by showing up and “helping” you. Other times you interact with people at companies who are a smiling face, go the extra mile and you are comfortable with them after only a few moments on the phone.

Many times we will be recommending solutions of others to help out a customer or we will help you with a specification or send you a specific material to try. We will likely, after a lengthy conversation, make you laugh or we will simply laugh at our own jokes. We will deliver your stencil if required at 9 at night (though not every night).

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BGA Rework Stencil-Reorder

This is a unique stenciling BGA rework stencil system. It improves first pass yields and repairs solder mask that may have been damaged during device . This configurable part number means you have...
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BEST can instruct you on how to more quickly and effectively rework and repair your printed circuit boards. We can do this via our extensive YouTube video library or “come to you” through the only self-contained solder training center on wheels!

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