PCB Throughhole Repair Kit

BEST Through-hole Repair Kit
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Through-holes or vias can be damaged in the handling of PCB's or through the improper removal of a device. The BEST Through-hole Repair Kit can assist in the repair of these through-holes to make them look as good as new.

BEST Through-hole repair kits are designed by artisans who have been repairing circuit boards for many years, therefore the right tools have been included in this general through-hole repair kit. This kit includes a large number of flat flange eyelets in a variety of sizes, which are recommended when a low profile or clearance factor is required.

This is similar to other companies plated hole repair kits.

This kit includes the following items:

(50) .021" ID .030" OD .078" LUF Eyelet
(50) .026" ID .040" OD .093" LUF Eyelet
(50) .034" ID .046" OD .093" LUF Eyelet
(50) .048" ID .059" OD .093" LUF Eyelet
(50) .059" ID .062" OD .125" LUF Eyelet
(50) .064" ID .076" OD .091" LUF Eyelet
(1)  Professional stainless steel tweezer
(1)  Swage Tool Base
(1)  Swage Tool Fixture
(1)  Center Punch
(1)  Eyelet Drill Bits

Call BEST at 01-847-797-9250 if you have any questions.




Reviews (7)

Jackson G 30th Nov 2017

Good Product

This is what I have been looking for

Melinda F 18th Sep 2017

Thanks for the help on the eyelet repair

Thanks for your trainer's guidance on the throughhole repair. It worked out after speaking with him.


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