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BEST PCB Repair Kit Dry Film
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The BEST PCB Repair Kits are designed to meet the quality of original trace, pad, and plated thru-hole assemblies. These kits give you the tools you need for fast repair and modification of lands, traces, contact fingers, SMT pads, plated hole connections, and PCB base board material. These materials are packaged together and designed to allow you to meet original PCB quality standards. This PCB repair kit = includes circuit frames which are adhered using a dry film, which through heat and pressure, adhere the replacement pads and traces onto the PCB.

This is the most complete PCB repair kit for your needs and includes not only the material required for such repairs, but also professional "how to" instructional slides.

This kit includes the following items:

(3) Resin/Hardner, 2gms with divider

(5) Popsickle sticks

(3) Orangewood sticks

(1) Swaging tool base

(1) Swaging tool fixture

(1) Center punch

(2) Dental pick

(1) Large knife with assorted blades

(1) 1" C-clamp

(1) SMT pad circuit frame, dry film

(1) Edge connector circuit frame. dry film

(1) Trace circuit frame, dry film

(1) Through-hole circuit frame, dry film

(1) BGA pad repair circuit frame, dry film

(50) Eyelet .021" OD, .030" DD, .078" LUF

(50) Eyelet .026" OD, .040" DD, .093" LUF

(50) Eyelet .034" OD, .046" DD, .093" LUF

(50) Eyelet .059" OD, .062" DD, .125" LUF

(50) Eyelet .064" OD, .076" DD, .091" LUF

(50) Eyelet .048" OD, .059" DD, .093" LUF

Because BEST PCB Repair Kits are designed by artisans who repair circuit boards for a living, the right tools have been included in this general repair kit. Call 01-847-797-9250 if you have any questions.





Reviews (7)

Wilbur W 9th Jun 2021

Fast shipment

Everything was pretty easy from ordering to installation.

Lacey D 19th Dec 2019

Very Complete

Delivery was fast. Very good instructions along with YouTube got me what I needed.

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