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BEST Land Repair Kit
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The BEST PCB land repair repair kit (otherwise referred to as "pads") gives you the tools you need for fast modification and repair of PCB circuit lands-no matter what their size. BEST's  master instructors and online PCB repair training videos along with these materials allow you to meet the original PCB quality standards.

The method for repairing damaged circuit lands is their adhesion to the PCB using an electronics grade 2-part epoxy system or their dry film counterpart. This dry film version, while less messy than the epoxy version, is not recommended for replacing lands in high reliability working environments. These replacement lands, etched on the board contact side in order to increase the bond strength, are the same size as the original. Numerous different circuit frames are available for different size pads/lands.

This PCB land repair kit includes 3 different tin plated copper base material circuit frame patterns, which offer nearly 3 times as many usable replacement land patterns as other circuit frames. Unlike dry film circuit frames, BEST circuit frames,when properly stored, have nearly unlimited shelf life and can be used on both lead-free and tin-lead finish circuit boards.

This kit includes the following items:

(1) BEST2A CktTrack Edge Connector Circuit Frame tin plated

(1) BEST3ACktTrack  SMT Trace Circuit Frame tin plated

(1) BEST11ACktTrack Trace Repair Circuit Frame tin plated

(1) Stainless steel tweezer

(1) X-acto knife for precision cutting

(4) Resin/Hardener, 2 gms for adhering pads/traces to PCB. Mix ratio is 1:1 and therefore is easy to remember and easy to mix.

(5) Orangewood sticks


Replacement materials to refill these PCB land repair kit components are also available.


Please do not hesitate to call with any questions 01-847-797-9250.


Reviews (15)

Steve G 17th Aug 2022

Simple to Use

Thanks Jose for guiding me through what I was doing wrong. Now it makes sense and is easy!

Willam F 18th Apr 2022

Thanks for the support

Chris was very helpful in getting my questions answered on cure rates. It is nice to talk to a live person.


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