PCB Repair Epoxy Resin and Hardner / 10 packets

PCB Repair Epoxy Resin/Hardner
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PCB Repair Epoxy Resin/Hardner

Resin/Hardner, Single Use.

2 gms with divider Quantity 10 packets.

This epoxy is designed to withstand the chemicals, heat and can adhere to materials common in PCB assembly. It has been used since 1998 and can be used in a variety of applications including but not limited to pad and trace repair, solder mask repair, baseboard material repair as well as numerous others. 

The mix ratio is already taken care of for you in the pre-mixed bags and therefore is easy to remember and easy to mix.  It is a 3:1 ratio mix.

Colorants can be added in order to match the board mask color.


PCB Repair Use: Used for bonding replacement pads and traces, repairing broken corners, repairing mask (adding colorant)

Shelf life: 6 months minimum

Color: Clear

Cure: Room Temperature/Heat

Cure Time: 3 days at 77°F/25°C; 2 hrs at 140°F/60°C;1 hour at 180°F/82°C

Dielectric Strength: 1,080 V/mil

Operating Temp Range: -67°F (-55C) to 275°F (135°C)

Elongation: 2.4%

Hardness: 85 D 

Coefficient of Expansion:6 x 105 cm/cm/°C

Mix Ratio: 2.1:1 by volume; 100:33 by weight-pre-measured pouch has correct ratio

Shear Strength: 1,850 to 3,000 @ 77°F/25°C

Working Time:60min @ 77°F/25 °C

 This can be used for replacement of Circuit Bond Epoxy.


Reviews (10)

Fiona Q 16th Jun 2021

Nice Product

I use this to bond pads in place or for glueing down traces

Astron M 28th May 2021

Like Using This for Repair Damaged PCBs

We have been using for several years with good success.