Solder Training Kits

BEST solder training kits for companies evaluating the effectiveness of hand soldering technicians in support of a training program in the assembly or rework areas. These solder training kits include: a training PCB with a lead free compatible finish, components with lead-free compatible surface finishes, as well as a spool of the IPC-recommended (no-clean) lead-free flux core solder. The kits include a variety of SMT and/or throughhole components along with a training PCB with a compatible surface finishes. With any of these kits you and your soldering technicians can begin to become familiar with the wettability characteristics of the lead-free solder systems, their solder joint appearance and the flux/solder behavior.

BEST soldering kits also are supplied in support of IPC training programs. The IPC J-STD-001 training kit is used to verify that the students in the either the CIS or CIT curricula have met the hand soldering requirements. These kits meet the IPC J-STD-001 training and certification class requirements. BEST also supplies IPC 7711/21 training kits for the verification of PCB rework and repair hand skill requirements.

BEST not only provides the training kits but we also instruct people on how to solder. This means you can support from one of our master instructors or look at our YouTube channel in order to see how to solder these components.