Gold plated circuit frames

Gold Plated Circuit Frames

When repairing gold fingers or contacts there are cases when a precut circuit frame which has laready been plated is preferrable to gold plating a repaired circuit pad.

In order to plated a repaired contact finger whihc is gold plated you can use a 2 step process or a single process. For the 2-step process the standard tin-finished circuit frames are used to repair the location on the PCB. This is followed by nickkel gold plating this material as a secondary operation. The downside with this technique is the thickness of the nickle and gold plating is not very controlled. In addition this is a 2-step process.

Alternatively a pre-cut circuit frame which already has been nickle gold coated can be cut frmae an used using either the epoxy or dry film techniques.



Nickel gold plated Circuit Frame

BEST has a variety of patterns available for the nickle gold circuit frames or we can custom design and fabricate one for your needs.