New BGA Pattern

BEST can make your BGA rework job much easier via  StencilQuik(TM).

StencilQuik(TM) stay-in-place stencils are designed for the PCB rework or proto assembly or repair process. There are numerous advantages to this process including but not limited to the following:

*  Once the stencil is placed no high end PCB rework equipment is required as the balls tactily "fit" in the apertures

*  The stencil helps prevent shorting of one ball location to another as the polyimide stay-in-place stencil acts as a solder dam stopping solder flow

*  Underlying BGA mask damage is in many cases repaired thereby eliminating the need to scrap the board or spend hours on the repair of the mask

*  Prevents shorting as the bottom of the BGA package "bottoms out" the ball collapse

There are no tooling fees for StencilQuik(TM) and single pack orders are shipped in as little as 24 hours (expedited service).