Who is BEST?

Sometimes you meet people who are there just there counting the moments on the job and look like they are doing you a “favor” by showing up and “helping” you. Other times you interact with people at companies who are a smiling face, go the extra mile and you are comfortable with them after only a few moments on the phone.


BEST people are in the second category described. They are, on their average days, way above the service level described above. Many times we will be recommending solutions of others to help out a customer or we will help you with a specification or send you a specific material to try. We will likely, after a lengthy conversation, make you laugh or we will simply laugh at our own jokes. We will deliver your stencil if required at 9 at night (though not every night). We like to have fun on the job (see our cooking class we had below) and this comes through when we talk to you. Before hanging up we will provide you with real service. Our industry has awarded BEST the best in the PCB rework category 5 times in it's 14 year career!


In addition to us performing “going out of our way” customer service, we are through and through soldering geeks. Who else would stay after with a soldering student who did not get the drag soldering thing? Only a soldering geek would argue about the best methods and materials for the repair of PCBs and argue further the best methods for testing of the pull strength of the pads. Only a soldering geek would call an author of a technical paper and discuss the nuisances of a soldering scavenging protocol. Only a soldering geek would spend 28 months figuring out how to make a better solder reballing preform.So you will see “Solder geeks are cool”” bumper stickers in our parking lot-so what!

From the service end of our business many of the unique products you find in on store were created. We look forward to sharing our expertise in this area with you!