You can call us from 7:00AM to 6PM (CST) on most business days. We do not answer the phone during lunch time so we can get refueled, pay our bills our go out to run some local errands. Like most tech companies we answer our emails during the day and some times before/after business hours. When we are vacationing with our families or at the doctor we are not answering our email.

Bob Wettermann - President
Katy Radcliff - Customer Service, Training Services and Soldering Products
Laura Ripoli - Customer Service, Rework/Repair and Build Services
Hung Hoang -Operations lead
Norman Mier Jr.- Senior Technical Trainer, IPC Master Instructor
James Barnhart- Senior trainer, course developer

Bob Wettermann ( is the president of BEST. Bob is an electrical engineer and holds several patents in the fields of both surface science and factory automation products. In addition he is a member of IPC and SMT and has authored several papers and presented at numerous technical conferences..

Norman Mier Jr. ( is a U.S. Marine Corp. retired veteran with over 20 years of experience in the electronics rework and repair industry. He received his training through the Navy's Micro Miniature (2M) Electronic Repair Program. He has progressed through every level of rework and repair recognized in the industry. Norman has also earned the highest certifications awarded by IPC in electronics training, being certified as a Master Instructor in IPC A-610D, J-STD-001D, IPC/WHMA A-620 and 7711/7721.

Hung Hoang ( brings over 15 years of practical SMT assembly, hand soldering, rework and repair experience to BEST Inc. In addition Hung has been instrumental in the development of BESTs’ proprietary stencil and rework tools. His expertise is in BGA and leadless device rework. Hung is a certified instructor in IPC7711/21.

Katy Radcliff ( , is responsible for the training coordination and products at BEST. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University. She has also completed the coursework for a Master of Science in Education specializing in Workforce Education and Corporate Training from Southern Illinois University.Katy works with customers on their stencil and PCB rework and repair tools requirements.

Dan Patten ( is the director of client development at BEST Inc. His responsibility is to make sure you get what you need pre and post sale.

Laura Ripoli ( is the Customer Service Representative for rework, repair and build services at BEST. Laura is the main contact for rework, repair and build services. Laura has extensive experience in the electronics industry and has worked in a project management and customer care role for OEM, distribution and end user customers. Her responsibility is to assist in managing your crisis and getting your boards moved through our process in the most efficient manor to meet your needs.

James Barnhart ( James started as a 2M Miniature/Mico-miniature repair technician in 1986 and progressed to being an 'A' level instructor in the Navy's 2M program. He has worked in the electronics field since the mid 80's and trained many technicians in the repair of PCB's and was a trainer of new instructors for the Navy's 2M program. During his time as an instructor he was involved in the rewriting of the 2M courses and adding SMT repair techniques.