I appreciate your time and effort that was put in by BEST!


We look forward to working with you again.


BEST has taught our technicians and our trainers the newest soldering and desoldering technologies out there. BEST also brings in a refreshing perspective on our current procedures, which helps to reduce our cycle times and costs"


"We spend our time doing what we do best, and let BEST do what they do best."


"...over time we will be able to better quantify the affect through reduced occurrence of out-of-box failures, reduction of rework caused by workmanship errors, and the reduction of scrap caused by workmanship errors. We highly recommend BEST."

Hand Held Products

I reballed two or three $2,000 BGAs with success. I designed a platform to keep things in alignment and reflowed. The BGAs originally were placed poorly. We replaced them using the StencilQuik(TM), eliminating shorts for a 100% acceptance rate. They worked out well!


Good news, we received the stencils in earlier today. Everything looks great; thanks again for all of your help.


Easy transaction. Got the shipping notice and copy of invoice. Simple and Good


I wanted to get a "real" board when I do the soldering tests for new incoming soldering techs. This has some significant thermal mass and is more representative of what we make every day.

Interactive Displays