PCB Epoxy Repair Kit

PCB Epoxy Repair Kit
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The BEST PCB Epoxy Repair Kit can be used to repair lifted pads and traces as well as build up and repair edge corner damage to PCBs or repair solder mask which has been damaged or removed. By adding colorants a pcb color epoxy kit can be made up customized to the colors required for mask repair.It can be used as a replacement to the Circuit Medic 115-1322 Epoxy Kit. Single use or replacement packs can be found here.

These PCB epoxy repair kits are designed by artisans who have been repairing circuit boards for many years;therefore the right tools have been included in this general epoxy repair kit. This pcb epoxy repair kit includes (10) 2gm packs of resin/hardener. Orangewood sticks are also included to assit in forming and bending traces for easy placement as well as a stainless steel dental pick. The resin/hardener is pre-measured to ensure every handler will achieve optimum results.

BEST testing has shown by using the BEST 2-part electronics adhesive system, the bond strength of repair traces, pads, and lands equals that of the original land, pads, and traces. Even under thermal air shock conditions from 50C to 85C at 30 minutes dwell time for 200 cycles this adhesive system performed well. The same cannot be said about dry film bonding systems where the reliability of repaired pads, lands and traces did not hold up to such shocking environmental conditions.

Add colorants if you want to repair solder mask with this system.

This kit includes the following items:

(10) Resin/Hardener, 2 gms. Mix ratio is 1:1 is already done for you-nothing to remember!

(1)   Dental Pick, stainless steel

(10) Orangewood sticks

Please do not hesitate to call with questions on making up your own pcb color epoxy kit at (847) 797-9250




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