Rework Stencil - StikNPeel™

Sometimes there are products that come along and you think to yourself-Wow! The StikNPeel™ rework stencil is one of those products. It simplifies the rework of site locations by placing a highly flexible, removable, adhesive-backed stencil on to a circuit board for localized solder paste, adhesive or flux printing. 


Why Chose StikNPeel(TM) as Your Rework Stencil

The flexible nature of the film allows this rework stencil to fit into the dimensions of modern circuit boards. If the location is tight then we can design the stencil to be fit into that location.

The adhesive on the backside of the rework stencil allows it to remain coplanar during the printing process. This coplanarity is assured by the adhesive. No solder paste will be smeared underneath the package. Complete the rework process one time. No “do overs” are necessary.

The temporary nature of this adhesive system allows you to make ultra fine adjustments of the rework stencil location, by simply pushing on the stencil in small incremental alignments-kind of like a Post-It(TM) note.

The rework stencils are single use so no extra time is required in cleaning off the stencils. Metal stencils can have clogged apertures which means that there will not be a 100% release of the solder paste resulting in starting over again on the rework process.

How to order?

Order based on a PREVIOUS design here - OR - simply send in your file with your order of a NEW pattern here.

Safe to Use

These rework stencils have been shown not to leave any harmful residues behind that may be detrimental to the long term reliability of the assembly(See "A" panel results) 

Proven Design

Tens of thousands of StikNPeel™ rework stencils have been fabricated for customer use. They are a better way to rework small locations on a PCB requiring a controlled deposit. See the study results comparing the performance of StikNPeel(TM) stencils to traditional mini metal stencils.


We have several hundred StikNPeel(TM) patterns that we have created for customer applications over the years. They would just be too hard to categorize and keep up with. When you send us your drawing we will compare it to our existing library of files. If we have already designed the pattern we will pull it from our library and send you a copy for approval. Otherwise we will take the drawings you send to us and make an approval drawing from this drawing, asking for your approval.

No Extra Fees; No Minimum Orders

Unlike some other brands BEST has been fabricating stencils in-house for many years. This means that we do not have to someone else design and make special tooling for your pattern.  This means you can (1) pack from us-there are no minimum orders of the stencils.

Fast Delivery

StikNPeel™ rework stencils are packaged in packs of (10) pieces. They are delivered in 24 hours after check plot approval for up to 2 packs. They are all made to order.