BEST has been designing and fabricating circuit frames for sale and for inhouse use for several years. We have both epoxy and dry film circuit frames- you have the choice! In the dry film adhesive system- damaged pads and traces can be replaced without the mess of liquid epoxy. The BEST replacement circuit frames with dry-film adhesive backing make this repair process clean and neat. Simply trim out the circuit you need and bond it to the circuit board surface using heat and pressure. The BEST dry film is superior to others as it is very clear making it easy for the repair technician to see what is going on to align the pad or trace to the PCB. In addition the BEST dry film is thinner than others making it sit on the PCB post repair closer in height to the original pads or traces making for a neater repair! If you are already using a dry film epoxy system ASK for our competitive cross-reference chart.

A PCB "How To" video on repairing a PCB trace.

BEST testing has shown by using both backside micro etched circuit frames (a BEST standard) and the BEST 2-part electronics adhesive system that the bond strength of repair traces, pads and lands can approach that of the original lands, pads and traces. Even under thermal air-air shock conditions from -50C to 85C at a 30 minute dwell time over 200 cycles this adhesive system performed well. In a study summarizing a variety of adhesion techniques for the repair of printed circuit board traces, the 2 part resin-hardner epoxy system has been shown to yield the best results. Furthermore, another study demonstrated that the epoxy method yielded a greater part-pad shear strengths.

A PCB pad repair "How To" video is above.