BEST HotDots(TM)  are a wire and component tacking system consisting of pre-cut shapes of a thin, flexible high temperature rated polymer and electronics time-tested high temperature adhesive.

HotDot Wire Adhesive

Unlike adhesives, this is a clean method for bonding wires and other compoentns either to a PCB or other electronics enclosure. In addition it protects the component or wire being taked on place from excessive heart while holding it in place even during a heat reflow cycle.

Make sure that prior to the application the surface is clean, dry and free of flux, oils and other contaminants. Clean the surface to be bonded to with isopropyl alcohol or equivalent if necessary.

Firm application pressure develops better adhesive contact and thus improves bond strength.

The BEST wire dots known as HotDots(TM) are a clean way to bond materials in place.