PCB Repair Materials

Below are the sales literature pieces on some of the BEST family of PCB repair products. These kits are specific to a given repair type and include specifications of the materials, a listing of what to find in each of the kits as well as a description of the materials themselves. BEST also has a complete list of soldering tip videos which are the best “how to” videos and feature the BEST instructor staff. A written description of the procedures and tools and materials required for each of the repairs will be found in BEST’s complete instruction manual as well as the IPC 7711/21 “Rework and Repair of Printed Wiring Boards”. Each of these documents is in a PDF format. Please visit the ADOBE web site if you do not have the latest version of ADOBE Reader installed on your machine in order to be able to see these documents.

PCB Repair Kit

Trace Repair Kit

Baseboard Repair Kit

Epoxy Repair Kit

Land Repair Kit

PCB Pad Repair Kit

Throughhole Repair Kit