PCB Eyelet Eylt021030078-100

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PCB Eyelet Eylt021030078

.021" ID .

.030" OD

.078" LUF

QTY 100


Eyelets are made from copper and are tin electronplated unless specified.

Chose the proper eyelet keeping the following in mind:
LUF The length of the eyelet barrel under the flange should be 0.020-0.035”/0.630-0.890mm greater than the thickness of PCB(this allows the for the right length after the flange is formed)
ID Eyelet inside diameter should be 0.003-0.020”/0.075-0.500mm greater than the component lead diameter for proper fit of  the eyelet through-hole component lead.
FD The flange diameter should be sized so that it does not protrude out onto other pads or conductors in the vicinity
OD The clearance in the PCB hole should allow the eyelet to be inserted without undue force but, but should not exceed 0.125mm greater than the eyelet outside diameter.


Reviews (4)

Johnson 28th Aug 2022

Eyelets and Circuit Frame - Blanks

The product is superb i use it for my training to qualify for IPC CIT and CIS. Sometimes I also use it to repair products for Class 3. The support from Jose is efficient and professional. His response to all my enquires is fast and perfect. I'm able to get my part as promised and on time. I strongly suggest that those purchasing the repair kit get it from them...

NQ 17th Aug 2020

Nice pcb eyelets.

Very high quality. They set nicely and readily accepted solder. The price was fair too. I originally bought "the same" eyelets from two different vendors in China; they were terrible, corroded and malformed. Don't waste time and money with AliExpress, just buy from soldertools.net for your pcb needs.


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