PCB repair materials are used to repair any physical damage which may have impacted a printed circuit board (PCB). These repair materials, when the accepted industry procedures are used, will make the board functional, will make the board look better from an aesthetic standpoint as well as making but will not necessarily meet the industry acceptance criteria for initial PCB assembly.

The repair materials are available for a variety of repairs which are common on PCB assembly. Lands and pads can get lifted off the board slightly or can become completely removed from the PCB. BEST PCB repair materials include the epoxy which will affix back in to position lifted lands. Both pad and land repair circuit frames make available the replacement copper patterns which may been removed during the PCB assembly process. When corners or laminate material is broke off of the PCB replacement laminate material along with epoxy can be used to repair these damages. When boards are of different colors the replacement colorant can be used to help “match” the remade epoxy area to the board.

BEST PCB repair materials also includes the materials which can be used to repair damaged solder mask or gold fingers which have solder splashed onto them. In the case of gold finger refurbishment the materials include those used for making the finish shiny, prepping the metal surface prior to god replacement and the gold itself.

Damaged BGA padBGA pad repair

          Damaged BGA pad                        BGA pad repaired

There a variety of PCB repair materials intended for the repair of throughole components. When an annular ring has been lifted from the PCB this is a defect. These annular rings can be repaired by using the BEST circuit frames. These thin pieces of copper are etched on the board side as well as being tin coated on the other side. The etched sides are micro “roughened” such that they provide a larger bonding area and increase the adhesion of the replacement annular ring to the board. In addition, the opposite side is tin coated making it a readily solderable surface. Other repair materials for throughhole boards are replacement eyelets which will repair “pulled” or missing barrels. The tooling which swages the lip of the eyelets to get them to “bite” into the PCB are also available.

Whatever the damage to your PCB the BEST PCB repair materials are a broad offering for almost any PCB repair requirement.