The BEST solder mask repair kit can be used to repair solder mask (as well as lifted pads and traces) as well as build up and repair edge corner damage to PCB’s. Add some colorant and you can repair mask of differing colors.

This solder mask repair kit is designed by artisans who have been repairing circuit boards for many years; therefore the right tools have been included in this general epoxy repair kit.  This kit includes (10) 2 gm packs of resin/hardner, orangewood sticks are included to assist with forming and bending traces for easy placement, and a stainless steel dental pick.  The resin/hardner is pre-measured to ensure every handler will achieve optimum results.

solder mask repair kit

The BEST Inc. solder mask repair kit was put together and tested by PCB repair artisans have been involved in board level repair for a combined 60 plus years.