EZReball(TM) Existing Pattern 0.4mm pitch and below

Copy of EZReball(TM) BGA Reballing Preform less than 0.4mm pitch
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This is a unique BGA reballing preform for ultra fine pitch BGAs with pitches LESS THAN 0.4mm. It improves first pass yields and makes the reballing of devices fast and simple.

This BGA reballing preform for ultra fine pitch BGAs allows you to easily change alloys or reball devices after their removal.

BGA reballing stencils for very small devices come in a variety of alloys including but not limited to : tin-lead, lead free (SAC 305), high temp

More information on the testing of this device can be found here.

  • Minimum Aperture Size: .002in (.05mm)
  • Stencil Material: High temperature Polyimide with tacky, porous tape which cleans up with IPA.
  • Pitch: 0.40 - 0.15mm (6 mils)
  • Maximum Stencil Size: Approx 4 x 4in (100mm x 100mm)

The data you send us to make your part must have:

         # of solder balls

         Part Number from previous order

We will send you a checkplot/drawing of the device we will fabricate for you.

EZReball(TM) BGA reballing preforms for ultra fine pitch BGAs are packaged in groups of (15) in clam shell packaging.

Standard lead time is (3) business days for 2 packs.


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