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There are times when semiconductor packages warp or they have so little mass compared to the EZRebal(TM) preform that they need to have extra force "pushing down" on the device. This custom made weight will be placed on top of the device and allow for there to be intimate contact between the balls of the preform and the pads on the device.

One custom weight included. Please specify package size or specify your EZReball(TM) preform so we can send you the correct weight.

Custom made based on package size inside of 1-3 days.


Reviews (2)

Bonka F 31st Jul 2017

Good to know

Worked with Chris and BEST to come up with a process after finding out parts were very warped

Rios R 4th Feb 2017

It did the trick!

Chris and crew came up with the correct weight for my very thin BGA

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