Laser Machined Parts

BEST is your resource for laser machined parts made from thin metals and high performance plastic films.

We have been laser machining Kapton(TN), Mylar and Cirlex(TM) as part of our product scope for 10+ years. In that time we have developed expertise and machine capability as well as capacity for laser micromachining a variety of parts. We can make your precision parts either form a stock base material or you can purchase or we can help guide you on purchasing and specifying the right material for the job at hand. Also, unlike other laser machining companies we have expertise on adhesive-backed materials requiring fine shapes to be cut through various thicknesses of polymer film, adhesive and release liner. We are capable of cutting holes and features as small as a few mils in to these plastic materials over a 12 x 12" surface. Our step and repeat capabilities of our machines allow us to cost effectively laser machine your complex small featured plastic film parts.

In terms of metal parts we have been cutting stainless steel stencils for the PCB assembly market for some time. This means we have the capability to cut thin stainless or copper sheets to a high degree of accuracy. Encoders, phot0 masks and other precision medical and military parts can be cut using our laser systems. Features as small as a 2 mils can be cut using our laser. Thickness of stainless that we stock and can cut are from 2-20mils. We even have spot welding capability if the part requirements call for this.

Not only are we experienced at cutting and designing the fabrication of parts but we have the right tool set for QC. Our precision measuring system allows us to confirm cut dimensions.

BEST Inc. can except a variety of drawing file formats including but not limited to dxf, dwg and GERBER formats.

We look forward to assisting you with your part requirements.