PCB Pad Repair Kit Dry Film Version

BEST Pad Repair Kit Dry Film Version
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The BEST Pad Repair kit dry film version includes the tools and materials needed to reliably replace lifted or damaged surface mount and BGA pads on PCB's. This kit includes 3 different tin plated copper base material circuit frame patterns, which offer nearly 3 times as many useable replacement land patterns as other circuit frames. Dry film circuit frames have a 6 month shelf life.

This kit includes the folowing items:

(1) BEST5ACktTrackDF BGA Pad Circuit Frame tin plated

(1) BEST8CktTrackDF Land Repair Pad Circuit Frame tin plated

(1) BEST13CktTrackDF Pad Repair Circuit Frame tin plated

(1) Stainless steel tweezer

(1) X-acto knife for precision cutting

(4) Resin/Hardener, 2 gms for adhering pads/traces to PCB

(5) Orangewood sticks

Please do not hesitate to call with any questions 01-847-797-9250.


Reviews (10)

William G 30th Jul 2018

Good support

I was having some trouble. It turns out that I was not letting the epoxy cure long enough. After the suggested elevated temperature the pads stuck. Thank you!

Wilbur F 9th Apr 2018

Good support

One of their instructors went through the process with me, looked at photos as to what I was not doing right. Thanks

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