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BEST Inc. laser machines custom polyimide washers for a variety of industrial applications requiring the used of high performance films. The washers, which can be a few dozen to tens of thousands, provide the precision and stability in the end use environment to help insulate, provide an electrical or thermal barrier or provide wear od radiation or chemical protection.

BEST has been laser machining custom polyimide washers from Vespel™ , Kapton™ and Cirlex™  for customers involved in defense, medical, electronic, aerospace and other performance-oriented industries. These washers come in a variety of thicknesses starting at just 2 mils up to several hundred mils both with and without specialty high temperature adhesives for easy application. The polyimide washers are precision machined using a variety of BEST lasers in order to precisely placed into the application. BEST applications expertise in laser machining these multilayered films insures high quality precision fabrication.

These performance plastic films present a variety of excellent enduring properties such as:

Flexibility-films can be produced in a variety of material thicknesses and be interlayered as they can be fabricated with different adhesives

Radiation Resistance-Cirlex(TM) and Kempton(TM) both exhibit good radiation resistance properties

Temperature resistance-These materials perform well in extreme temperatures as seen in some space temperature ranges up to 500F and as low as -452F. Even in these extreme temperatures the materials show very good wear and mechanical strength properties

Little Outgassing-space applications require that materials used present little evidence of outgassing

Electrical Insulating-these films exhibit very good electrical insulating properties which make them well-suited for high voltage applications, power generating equipment and other electrical applications such as in motors and motor windings


Call BEST today or start the conversation at info@solder.net to see how we can help you with laser machined precision polyimide washers.

Kapton(TM) is a trademark of DuPont Inc.


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