SMT Framed Stencils

SMT Framed Stencils
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SMT Framed Stencils are laser cut solder paste stencils designed to work on SMT printing machines. We stock a wide variety of frames for many different printing machines. These laser cut stencils are permanently glued into a frame. These framed stencils are designed for highly repeatable continuous operation in volume production. They are well-suited for volume production assembly, Shipment is 24 hours from approval of checkplot.

BEST SMT framed stencils provide for optimal solder paste volume control and can be used for fine pitch SMT printing.

Key features:

Highest quality nickel-stainless ultra fine grain (See more info on the Tension(TM) material, which is our standard, here) smoother aperture walls and cleaner release characteristics. There is no need for nanocoating. This is a "nanocoatingless" high performance material.

* Clean Laser-Cut Apertures

* Excellent Print Performance

* Multitude of different frame materials, frame colors and sizes are available in the BEST SMT framed stencil product line

A stencil frame can either fall under the fixed frame or universal frame category  (to save on stencil cost and the amount of space taken up by SMT Framed Stencils after many years of accumulation). The fixed frame SMT stencils are available in a variety of different size ranges. They either use  a hollow or solid core aluminum frame in order to hold the stencil. In this case the SMT framed stencil of this type is permanently "fixed" to the frame. In the case of universal frames, the stencil is held within a frame that makes it possible to make changes to the unit, as they are needed. The advantage of a universal frame stencil is that the space that they take up as well as the cost can be reduced. This is because only a new frameless stencil needs to be ordered each time instead of a stencil that's affixed to a frame.

In addition to these framed stencil  product features, you get 10+ years of experience in designing and cutting stencils for PCB assembly and rework. Unlike many of the other shops we actually perform the rework/repair services on site. This means we have knowledgeable process engineers who know how to assemble and rework boards (and know what some of the printing challenges are as we see some of these problems every day in our work) which means you are tapping in to this experience. Our award-winning customer service staff will actually answer the phone and speak with you!

BEST Inc also stocks most stencil frame sizes.

Tension is a trademark of Datum Inc.






Reviews (32)

Chris W 5th Mar 2021

Fast and Easy Order

The stencil arrived on time and was designed so that we did not have any problems.

Samantha W 14th Dec 2020

Good Quality

We had some issues of understanding of when the order was placed versus when I would get my stencil. The stencil was packed well and was of very good quality.