BGA Reballing Kit

There are numerous tools that a PCB rework and repair technician needs to have immediately available to them. One of them for more complex devices is a BGA reballing kit which is there in emergency situations in which a BGA needs to be removed and replaced using the same BGA.

There are cases where the same BGA which has to be removed from the board needs to be replaced or another salvaged BGA needs to be reballed and replaced when new parts are not immediately available. In some cases memory chips need to be reflashed and there is no method of reflashing the memory with the device soldered to a PCB. In still other cases replacement parts may not be readily available and a replacement device may need to be salvaged from a board. In these cases the “replacement” BGA needs to be reballed with new solder balls and placed back onto the board.

With the time pressures of critical projects there needs to be a method for reballing a BGA. In these cases the BGA reballing kit needs to be flexible for the types of patterns, the size of the pitches, solder ball alloys and sizes. The BEST EZReball(TM) BGA reballing kit is configured to provide such a “swiss army knife” solution. By making sure that both a leaded and lead free BEST BGA reballing kit is available on the workbench most BGA reballing emergency situations can be dealt with.

These BGA reballing kit along with a few extra tools will keep you prepared for whatever BGA reballing project comes your way. These extra tools include an exacto knife which will help you cut the preform to the right size as well as helping “pluck”” balls out of the preform apertures for specific device patterns. In addition, a variety of small vials of the most common solder ball sizes will be required to repopulate spent preforms or preform locations or for reworking single ball site locations.

So make sure that you get a few reballing kit so that you are always prepared for whatever BGA reballing emergency comes your way.