7 Essential Training Materials for IPC-A-620: Your Must-Haves to Prepare for Success

Devised by the Association of Connecting Electronics Industries and the Wire Harness Manufacturers Association (WHMA), IPC-A-620 is the industry standard for manufacturing wire harnesses and cable assemblies. This widely recognized standard focuses on providing comprehensive guidelines and requirements to ensure the quality and reliability of these products throughout their lifecycle.

From wire preparation and termination to crimping and soldering, to cable routing and clamping and marking, and labeling, IPC-A-620 covers all the critical aspects of wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing. It outlines the criteria for evaluating the acceptability of these processes, ensuring that they meet necessary performance, safety, and durability requirements.

By adhering to IPC-A-620, manufacturers can achieve product consistency and reliability. The IPC 620 standard promotes uniformity in assembly and inspection processes, reducing variations and improving overall quality.

It also helps companies comply with customer and regulatory requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

But it's not just manufacturers who benefit from IPC-A-620. End-users can also reap the advantages of this standard. By specifying IPC-A-620 compliance in their procurement requirements, they can ensure they receive high-quality and reliable wire harnesses and cable assemblies.

IPC 620 standard