Top 3 Training Courses Based on IPC Standards that Your Operators and Engineers Must Attend

Are you striving hard to achieve the quality requirements required by your clients for PCB making? Then, enrolling your operators, engineers, and product inspectors into various "IPC standards" based courses will make sense. But the question is, how will you know which IPC certification programs will come in handy for your employees and which not? For that, we have compiled a list of training programs based on different standards specified by IPC. Making your technical professionals learn about PCB assembly and inspection through these educational programs will help them produce high-quality "electronic assemblies" that are reliable and durable too.

Not just that, even your technicians will get certified by "IPC," stating that they have acquired the necessary working skills in the specific area of operations. For example, it could be PCB assembly, PCB inspection, cable and wire harness assembly, and repair and rework of electronic assemblies.

Now let's see the training options available in Illinois based on several IPC standards for your in-house workers:

What are some electronic training courses inspired by IPC standards?

Before we begin, we must tell you that it is necessary to buy scores of IPC standard handbooks for your employees so they can refer to the provided illustrations, photographs, and other specifications related to electronic assembly acceptability when required.

1. IPC-A-600 Certification Program

Through this training course, your technical workers can learn the general acceptability criteria for printed circuit boards. During the training, they will see pictures of the target, acceptable, and nonconforming conditions of the PCB assembly that are observable either externally or internally. Just to let you know, this IPC certification program guarantees to make your operators, inspectors, and engineers informed about the most current industry consensus standard for circuit board inspection.

2. IPC-A-610 Certification Program

The IPC-A-610 training course is all about the acceptability of electronic assemblies. Through this educational program, your technical staff will learn to ensure the quality of electronic assemblies by seeing them. The faculty teaching throughout this course let candidates know about the industry-accepted "workmanship" criteria for electronic products.

Some of the topics they focus on includes:

A. Flex attachment

B. Component orientation

C. Soldering criteria

D. Board-in-board

E. Part-on-part

F. Mechanical assembly

G. Discrete wiring assemblies

H. Cleaning

I. Marking

J. Coating

K. Lamination requirements

3. IPC/WHMA-A-620 Certification Program

The IPC/WHMA-A-620B refers to the "Requirement and Acceptance of Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies." By taking classroom training for this "IPC standard" based course, your engineers and operators will learn about the criteria for:

A. Wire preparation

B. Soldering to terminals

C. Insulation displacement connectors

D. Ultrasonic welding

E. Moulding

F. Marking

G. Wrapping

H. Shielding, and

I. Crimping of stamped, formed, and machined contacts

On a closing note!

We hope you learned about several IPC standard-based courses in this content piece that are essential to attend for your in-house personnel. So, if you want to know about the fees or charges for any of the IPC certification programs mentioned above, please have a word with the best electronic training institute in Illinois.