PCB Repair Materials

BEST PCB repair materials cover a wide range of materials used for the physical repair of printed cuircuit boards. They many times are intergral part of the PWB and therefore they are part of the material set to be reviewed if RoHS requirements need to be met. These documents substantiating that BEST PCB repair materials meet the RoHS guidelines. This means that these materials do not contain any of the banned substances in any amount over the limits set by the RoHS guidelines.

PCB Repair Kit

Circuit Frames



Color Agents

Pad Repair Kit

Land Repair Kit

Base Board Repair Kit

Circuit Trace Repair Kit

Plated Throughhole Repair Kit

Dry film

If you have any further questions on the suitability of BEST repair materials for applications using lead free solder we suggest contact BEST Inc 01-847-797-9250 or at info@solder.net.