Sales Literature for EZREball

The EZReball™ sales literature is designed for users to get more information on the product, see a demonstration on the use of the major steps of the product as well as providing , along with the data sheets and other support literature the technical specifications for determining the product and process specifications using these reballing performs.

The sales literature pictorially depicts the major steps of the EZReball™ reballing performs. It includes the steps in the process of deballing and site preparation of the existing BGA, fluxing of the prepped BGA, alignment of the preform to the device, reflow and peeling off of the preform.

The sales sheet enumerates, along with support of the product data sheets the most important specifications of the product and process. This allows you to specify the process if you are outsourcing the work or doing the work internally and need to send more information on you your end user.

Sales literature can be downloaded here.