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StikNPeel(TM) Brochure

The StikNPeel™ plastic film, adhesive backed rework stencil selling sheet is designed for those wanting to learn more about the StikNPeel™ product, it’s benefits over metal rework stencils and the various specifications off the product.

The brochure demonstrates vividly in photographs the products’ usage. The brochure goes through the steps of peeling the stencil off the backing, aligning it to the PCB, solder paste printing, stencil removal and device placement. The brochure demonstrates in pictures how the rework printing process is simplified using the StikNPeel™ stencil.

The benefits of the StikNPeel™ stencil over the mini metal rework stencils are enumerated in this brochure. The most striking benefit is the adhesive backing of the stencil. This overcomes the lack of being assured co-planarity between the stencil and the PCB. It also allows you to print multiple times to make sure all of the apertures are filled up thereby insuring a better, more consistent paste print and rework outcome. Finally, the temporary nature of the adhesive of the StikNPeel stencil allows you to push the stencil around and line the stencil perfectly. You can also be assured that any adhesive residue left on the board is benign in terms of electrical properties.

The brochure, along with some of the collateral specification on the materials found in the data sheet ,will allow you to specify this specific stencil once you come to try out the stenciling technique and believe in it!