The data sheets below will give you the technical information to help you specify the BEST StencilMate™ materials and learn more about these stencils. The data sheets below outline both the materials used on the process as well as a pictorial description of the process itself.

Bumping Stencil

This is the standard “bumping” stencil material as well as the board stencil material. When pitches are 1.00mm and below this typically the material we used in creating your customized StencilMate™ solution.

PCB Stencil

This is the standard stencil material on the board stencil material.

Instruction Manual

These are the pictorial “how to instructions” for bumping and placing the stencil. Refer to the IPC 7711 where these processes and the associated materials are outlined in the greatest detail.

Please call BEST at 01-847-797-9250 if you need further assistance after watching our “solderinggeek” YoutTube channel where these processes are shown in a step-step manner. You can also send us mail at