BEST is your “go-to” source with respect to printed circuit repair. Whether you need to be trained on how to make a repair or by high quality repair materials which are designed by and used by the best repair facility in the US –BEST is your source.

BEST printed circuit repair courses run the “gamut” from IPC 7721 PCB repair training and certification training, through standardized repair classes like PCB pad/trace repair through customized embedded trace repair for complex boards. Our IPC certified instructors have many years of industry and military 2M experience in teaching these techniques and working on complex and high-value boards. This means their techniques and teaching sessions are highly tuned and will help you turn your “bonepile” in to useable inventory.

BEST has been an innovator in PCB repair products and processes as many companies rely on BEST to perform the PCB repair surgery on their one-of-a-kind or high value-added boards. BEST has developed a stay-in-place stencil for area array devices which makes placement of BGAs simpler while repairing underlying mask damage. In addition, BEST technicians have developed a method for easily and reliably placing leadless devices with StencilMate™ “bumping” stencil. Recently, the development of a StikNPeel™ one time use adhesive-backed stencil to replace the low yielding mini stencil process, has catapulted the BEST name forward. Furthermore, our EZReball™ product has simplified BGA/CSP reballing with a unique single use adhesive-backed reballing preform.

plastic rework stencil with adhesive backing

Polymer film rework stencil

So whether would like to learn how to perform the repairs, just purchase the quality materials or have our highly skilled artisans to repair your PCB we encourage you to give us a call today.

If you would like to learn more about printed circuit board repair techniques please review BEST teaching videos at ………. Videos will show you how to peform PCB pad and trace repair, how to repair laminate, how to repair damaged solder mask area, how to replace eyelets as well as many other common printed circuit repairs.