Reballing kit

These reballing kits are used when you need to quickly get a device reballed and you have no time (typically 2-5 days for an EZReball(TM) preform) to wait. Included in this kit are large full array preforms. These can be cut down to size assuming that the pitch and ball size will work. If there a ball loction does not have a solder ball on it then the ball can be plucked out of a preform. The addition of a ball takes some dexterity, the right tools including a localized hot air pencil to reflow a single location. With your skills and the BEST reballin kit you can get a device reballed in a "pinch" situation.

BEST has 2 different version of this reballing kit. One kit has preforms with tin-lead solder balls. This is commonly used when the device to be reballed is a RoHS compliant (lead free) device but the it is going to be used in a high reliability environment. The other reballing kit has lead-free, RoHS compliant balls in the preform. This reballing kit is commonly used on devices which need to be reballed after rework.

If a custom reballing kit is requird BEST is prepared to offer such a kit including but not limited to different bga reballing preforms, replacement solder balls, paste flux and other items. Such a custom reballing kit can be sent out to remote field offices, be configured for different repair depots or be put together for a specific product or products requirement.