StencilMate(TM) Leadless Device Rework Stencil-Re-Order

StencilMate(TM) Leadless Device Rework Stencil Reorder
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If you already have an existing part number and want to re-order and existing pattern tyou have come to the right place. T

The StencilMate(TM) rework stencils assists in making the rework of QFNs, LGAs and other bottom terminated components (BTCs) easier.

This BTC rework stenciling system allows you to manually place BTCs for prototyping or low volume builds.

The BTC rework stencils come in 0.004" thick.

  • Minimum Aperture Size: .002 in (.05mm)
  • Stencil Material: .Plastic film with release liner. Adhesive is an acrylic hgih temperature-rated type of adhesive.
  • Minimum Pitch: .020 in (0.3mm)
  • Maximum Stencil Size: Approx 4 x 4 in (100mm x 100mm)

StencilMate(TM) stencils are packaged in groups of (10) sets for part/board or (20) pieces for the bumping of just the parts.


Reviews (5)

Sebastian F 29th Jul 2021

Fast Delivery

I really like using these. My yields are very good when I bump the LGA parts.

Belinda C 15th Jul 2020

Best way to easily rework QFNs

We keep these in stock as it is by far the easiest way to rework QFNs.


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